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World of Security (Svet bezbednosti) is an independent trade journal that covers private protection and safety of people and property. Our objectives are to bring the latest news from the international and domestic safety and security sector, with special attention to physical and technical protection; analyze technological novelties on video surveillance and alarm systems market; open topics of vital importance to the safety and security industry; and present, in an expert but still understandable for the general public manner, the problems of protection and safety, which are surely the key issues of the 21st century.

Our previous issues have featured interviews with prominent representatives in the field of security, University professors, representatives of Association for private security at the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, heads of the companies for private protection, security manages, and articles by experts in various security areas. We are positive that you will find numerous answers to questions regarding security in general and safety of people and property in our printed and online issues. We thus invite you to join an ever growing number of satisfied readers.

World of security is published by a private, family-owned company Tectus Ltd., which has, besides safety and security industry, established itself in the financial industry in Serbia as a publisher of World of insurance (Svet Osiguranja) journal.

Founder and Publisher:
Tectus d.o.o.

Managing Director:
Nikola Milijević

Dragiša Jovanović

Executive Editor:
Vesna Lapčić

Editorial Board:
Sandra Zanki
Nataša Gajski Kovačić
Zoran Zafirovski
Hana Batcha Frančić

Editorial Advisers:
Milorad Todorović
Vera Božić Trefalt
Đorđe Vučinić
Zoran Keković
Dragan Trivan
Željko Nikač

Dragan Milošević

Layout Editors:
Krešimir Pučić
Aleksandar Veljković

Tectus d.o.o

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Authors are responsible for the factual content of their contributions.


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